Bismuth Oxychloride for cosmetic

High quality Bismuth Oxychloride Makeup,Bismuth Oxychloride Foundation, soft, fine and smooth with mysterious and metallic luster, has excellent slip and adhesion, good soft focus effect, better whiteness and better smoothness. Application: larger size has better glossiness, can be applied in foundation and make-up formula to improve skin sensory and glossiness.Bismuth Oxychloride for cosmetic
Untreated Bismuth Oxychloride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
607001SM UNI-BIS 2μm 25kg
607003SM UNI-BIS 1910 5-8μm
INCI: Bismuth oxychloride
Bismuth Oxychloride Makeup,Bismuth Oxychloride Foundation
Alkyl Silicon Treatment Bismuth Oxychloride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
607201 UNI-BIS AS 2μm 25kg
607203 UNI-BIS 1910 AS 5-8μm
INCI: Bismuth oxychloride&triethoxyoctylsilane
Bismuth Oxychloride Slurry
Code Name Particle Size Packing
607009S UNI-DSPN BS 60W 10-14μm 10kg

INCI: Bismuth oxychloride & water & styrene / acrylates /ammonium methacrylate copolymer & phenoxyethanol & chlorphenesin

Powder content: 60%