Boron Nitride for cosmetic

Boron nitride Makeup is a kind of pure, soft and smooth powder synthesized by melamine & borate under 2000 ℃ high temperature with perfect crystallinity, better brightness and a very stable nature. Providing excellent spread ability, texture, payoff and adherence, has high costeffective. Application: smaller size has better whiteness (25/5-6μm), larger size has better brightness and glossiness (11-12μm/28-31μm), can be applied in foundation and make-up formula to improve skin sensory and glossiness.Boron Nitride for cosmetic
Untreated Boron Nitride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
608101SM UNI-BN 300 2-5μm 10kg
608106SM UNI-BN 600 4-7μm
608112SM UNI-BN 1200 10-14μm 15kg
608102SM UNI-BN 2831 28-35μm
INCI: Boron Nitride Boron Nitride for cosmetic