Choose or Customize Color Shade

Based on patented "Precision Color Difference Control Process" technology, UNI-POWDER provides "Zero Color Difference" premixed foundation powder /slurry. This is convenient to use, and can optimize foundation manufacture efficiency.

We can provide color customized services for you!

Foundation Powder,BB cream raw material powder,Cosmetic grade Foundation Powder

Customization Process

➤ The customer should provide us:
 ① Pigment powder sample in-use;
 ② Semi-finished product sample;
 ③ Formulation sheet or pigment dosages in that formulation

➤ Specify the customized requirements (cost, quantity, function)

➤ Design job in lab

➤ Submit sample and collect customer feedback

➤ Fine tuning according to customer feedback

➤ Sample fixed. Take the 1st production lot as standard