Bismuth Oxychloride

High grade bismuth oxychloride, soft, fine, with good smoothness and mysterious luster. It is adhesive to skin, bringing good blur effect. Application: large size has better glossiness, can be used in foundation and make-up formula to improve skin sensory and glossiness.Bismuth Oxychloridefor cosmetic
Untreated Bismuth Oxychloride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
Matte Make-up
UNI-BIS 2μm 25kg
High Gloss Make-up
UNI-BIS 46 4-6µm 25kg
INCI: Bismuth oxychloride
Bismuth Oxychloride Makeup,Bismuth Oxychloride Foundation
Alkyl Silicon Treatment Bismuth Oxychloride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
Matte Make-up
UNI-BIS AS 2μm 25kg
High Gloss Make-up
UNI-BIS 46AS 4-6µm 25kg
INCI: Bismuth oxychloride& triethoxycaprylylsilane
Bismuth Oxychloride Slurry
Code Name Particle Size Packing
Powder content: 60%
UNI-DSPN BS 60W 10-14μm 10kg

INCI: Bismuth oxychloride & water & styrene / acrylates /ammonium methacrylate copolymer & phenoxyethanol & chlorphenesin