Boron Nitride

High grade boron nitride is a pure, soft and smooth cosmetic material powder, giving porcelain-like gloss and soft silky sensory. It provides excellent spread ability, soft texture, nice gloss and comfortable adherence.
UNI-POWDER are leading boron nitride supplier, with different particle size and competitive price. Except traditional mechanical mill, our new wet peeling technology makes boron nitride flake thinner and smoother. 
Application: can be used in foundation and make-up formula to improve sensory and glossiness      boron nitride for cosmetic
Untreated Boron Nitride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
608101SM UNI-BN 300 2-5μm 10kg
608114SM UNI-BN 650 5-7μm 10kg
608113SM UNI-BN 1350 9-11μm 10kg
608102SM UNI-BN 2831 28-35μm 15kg
INCI: Boron nitride
Dimethicone Treatment Boron Nitride
Code Name Particle Size Packing
608401 UNI-BN 300DM 2-5μm 10kg
608404 UNI-BN 1200DM 10-14μm 10kg
INCI: Boron nitride & Dimethicone