Micro Zinc Oxide Powder


Properties and Effects of Micro Zinc Oxide Powder
Appearance: White nano grade powder. Transparent after spread;
1.Wide spectrum protection;
2.High whiteness, no yellowing;
3.High transparency in formulation.

Micro Zinc Oxide Makeup,Suncreen Product Micro Zinc Oxide
Micro Zinc Oxide Powder
Model ZnO Content Surface Treatment Surface Property
99%-100% N/A Hydrophilic
Zn-SA 6050
88%-92% Stearic Acid Hydrophobic, Lipophilic
Zn-AS 6150
83%-87% Triethoxyoctylsilane
Zn-AS 6300
95%-97% Triethoxyoctylsilane

Particle Size :20-30nm
Packing Specification: 15kg